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[Marked Down] WICKY 2 - Sweet child O (2 Models)

Regular price $189.00 SGD

SNRD WICKY 2 Sweet Child O Series 

WICKY SERIES, designed to give the feeling of metal and plastic frame through soltex process, has been newly released under the concept 'MUSIC'. It comes in two models, one called "Mighty O" that expresses a free spirit of hip hop and the other one called "Sweet child O" that expresses chic and enthusiastic atmosphere of rock. You can see the unique design by a bold combination of mirror lens and metal frame and by using SNRD's own distinctive and popular colours. 

Colour – Brown/Red

Lens – Pink Mirror 

Made in Korea

Every SNRD sunglass comes with a Certificate of  Authenticity.

Product Characteristic:

  • Distinctively lightweight and Heat Resistant by using new instead of recycled materials.
  • Ergonomic Design providing comfort even for long wear.
  • Excellent grip on the nose and ears prevents sunglasses from slipping.

Product Details:

  • Thin and Light Colored Mirror Lens with full protection against ultraviolet rays.
  • Strong Shock Resistance making SNRD highly suitable for making sports glasses, baby glasses and safety glasses.
  • Multi coating lens (inside) blocks UV rays complete allowing less light to pass through compared to ordinary lens.
  • Ability to get rid or unwanted reflections of light, reducing eye fatigue and provides better field of vision for long wear.
  • Stronger Multi-coated lens compared to normal sunglasses lens.
  • Scratch Resistance making it ideal for most sports activities.


Size Chart: