[Life Behind Bars] - Hooks Avenue
[Life Behind Bars] - Hooks Avenue
[Life Behind Bars] - Hooks Avenue
[Life Behind Bars] - Hooks Avenue
[Life Behind Bars] - Hooks Avenue

VINTAGE Series (2 Models)

Regular price $169.00 SGD

Vintage series reinterpreted the inspiration derived from a vintage metallic-look and as a new incarnation of the vintage era. A vintage style with lower chrome and design added by the SNRD logo differentiates itself from the other products. 

Flexible and lightweight materials with retro metallic texture add to the charm.

 A different look for a different YOU.


Colour – Gold/Silver

Lens – Mirror (UV400)

Made in Korea

Every SNRD sunglass comes with a Certificate of  Authenticity.

Product Characteristic:

  • Distinctively lightweight and Heat Resistant by using new instead of recycled materials.
  • Ergonomic Design providing comfort even for long wear.
  • Excellent grip on the nose and ears prevents sunglasses from slipping.

Product Details:

  • Thin and Light Colored Mirror Lens with full protection against ultraviolet rays.
  • Strong Shock Resistance making SNRD highly suitable for making sports glasses, baby glasses and safety glasses.
  • Multi coating lens (inside) blocks UV rays complete allowing less light to pass through compared to ordinary lens.
  • Ability to get rid or unwanted reflections of light, reducing eye fatigue and provides better field of vision for long wear.
  • Stronger Multi-coated lens compared to normal sunglasses lens.
  • Scratch Resistance making it ideal for most sports activities.


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