[Life Behind Bars] - Hooks Avenue
[Life Behind Bars] - Hooks Avenue

HARO by Horiryoku (Currently exhibited at Metro Paragon L4)

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Adding to his Transcript Series, Singapore tattoo artist, Edmund Seah (Horiryoku) has created his first trilogy project - Hannya Trilogy. The Hannya Trilogy's ideology is based on 3 different emotional state. 

HARO (3/3) brought in the element of water and fire. It further illustrates the "oxymoronic" state in this modern society. 

The Hannya Trilogy includes 3 pairs of full custom Vans (Size: US 8) and an authenticity certificate.
The shoes are treated with protective against ink run and are fit for normal wear (except extreme weather condition). All illustration are 100% original and no two pairs are exactly alike.