Staycool Socks

Staycool by Hooks Avenue
StayCool is more than just socks. it's Art and Loyalty! Difference inspires our culture, stories and products. We celebrate divergent perspectives that spark original solutions who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. Pattern, stripes, classic and graffiti print design of socks collection has a modern yet timeless feel and each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing our customers quality products they’ll want to hold onto forever. StayCool socks has been carefully adapting and modifying socks product characteristics for a different audience of consumers who value refined design and quality while still remaining true to StayCool socks brand origins. Since the beginning, StayCool socks has built a strong and organic relationship with unknown, inspiring, provocative and upcoming figures in lifestyle and sports, becoming an iconic and well respected brand in underground scenes.
We are very aware of the environmental and human rights challenges presented by global sourcing and we have taken a number of important steps to help ensure that our principles are upheld throughout the global network of factories supporting our business.