Life Behind Bars

Life Behind Bars Singapore by Hooks Avenue

“Forever imprisoned behind the bars, forced to live a life of wind running through your hair, sweat dripping down your face, legs churning without an end in sight, slipping in and between cars, motorcycles, and busses, getting off the saddle to push, push, push up those hills, the rain stinging your eyes, the road unforgiving, the horizon beckoning but never nearer…
 A life sentence of pure, unabashed, joy.”
Our bags are covered with a lifetime warranty against defects, what this means is that if at any point you experience an issue or breakage that’s caused by manufacturing defect, we will repair or in some cases replace the bag with a new unit free of charge, the warranty applies to the original owner, it does not include normal wear and tear, and abusive usage, also any alteration or permanent customisation to the bag such as adding patches will void the warranty, essentially the warranty does not cover reasonable cosmetic damage that does not affect the function of the product. 

We use the best velcro and reflective strips available, and they will last a very long time, however, due to their nature, velcro will lose it’s stickiness a little over time and reflective strips will lose it’s reflectivity a little over time, and as such, they’re not covered by the warranty. Please give a thorough explanation and include clear pictures at the defective point in multiple angles as well as a proof of purchase such as your online order code, or picture of the receipt. Once your claim has been approved you will then be given an instruction of either sending the bag to us (Hooks Avenue).