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Back in 2008, ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods founded as a design firm & independent maker.
By 2010, we've gone hiatus after it's founder switched his focus on other carry goods brand he founded.
After 7 years running the brand, the original founder of ORBIT realize that he was nowhere near the future he was envisioned before. Aside from the fact that he was comfortably sailing the sea with fairly stable ship, along with the other founder, they decided to jump off the ship and taste the water.
They recollected what was left from ORBIT and build a small raft to help them dance with the storm.

In 2017...ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods finally reawaken.
Running by the same guy who has virtually setting the local carry goods industry standard - more than a brand, to it's founders, ORBIT is a redemption; a second chance to purify their vision in carry making industry.
And to the user ORBIT is the first Indonesian Modular that offer Interoperability design. ORBIT is a carry system that allow the user to use, configure and modify their own carry system to adapt with their unique needs and simplify their commuting complexity.


We stand behind our products.

ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods proudly offers a limited lifetime warranty for every in-line style purchased from Hooks Avenue and/or our official retail stores.

We stand by the design, quality and craftsmanship of our goods, which is why we cover any defective item stemming from production error or material defect. Some examples include zippers, hardware, stitching, and fabric defects.

Our warranty does not cover general wear and tear, damage from extreme use, or damage caused from using an item outside of its intended purpose.

Please note that every item is subject to review by our customer service team and some repairs may require a fee. All repairs require proof of purchase.

If you have a question about an item, please contact shop@hooksavenue.com for warranty matter.


What does the limited lifetime warranty mean? 
The limited lifetime warranty refers to the length of time, through normal use, a ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods product will function for its intended purpose. It does not apply to the lifetime of the user.

What does general wear mean?
General wear is the expected, organic decomposition of leather or fabric materials over a sustained period of regular usage. Use of any ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods item outside reasonable expected use voids the limited lifetime warranty.

What qualifies an item for repair or replacement?
Mending an existing item is most often our preferred course of action. However, on a case-by-case basis, an item may be deemed beyond the scope of normal repair and our craftspeople may decide to replace it. If you find your ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods item too treasured to part with and a replacement item is unwanted, we will happily repair it to the best of our ability. In these cases, please be aware that, if a substantial amount of labor is involved, some repairs may incur a charge. Moreover, if a defective item results in replacement, we are unable to return the original product.

How long do repairs take?
We will make every effort to expedite the mending process and return your item as efficiently as possible. Repair time will be subject to work capacity and seasonal constraints.

ORBIT Modular Gear & Carry Goods
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