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Exclusive Hooks Avenue Experience

  The Hooks Avenue Experience  Our product gallery operates on a by-appointment nature so every customer will be able to get full attention and the right education of their choice products without worrying about other walk-in crowds as we stagger our appointments. We provide live demos on the proper usage and maintenance of our products so customers know exactly what they are buying.  We are probably one of last few online stores that handles our own hand delivery services instead of outsourcing as we believe that will lead us to understanding our customers better. To further our enhance your shopping experience with us, customers can choose to order any products and opt for cash payment during pick up. P.s We...

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The All New SNRD NOX Series

Let us take a look at one of the latest release by famous Korean eyewear, SNRD (Second Round) - NOX. Using the photochromic technology, the rapid transition rapid nature minimises the discomfort level of our eyes during the day. Smart photochromic film blocks UV rays and quickly changes the lens colour according to the brightness of its surroundings as it reacts to visible rays. Thus making it a perfect pair of eyewear for most outdoor activities and during unpredictable weather.

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