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Black Ember is a team of Industrial Designers and product developers with a collective experience of more than 60 years designing and building performance soft-goods, hard-goods, and technical equipment. One of our crew even owned an indie fashion label for a time. As designers, creators and product-testers for some of the best known and most respected sport, performance and outdoor brands in the world, we have deep experience and expertise in the design of technical soft-goods and equipment. We most especially love bad-ass backpacks.

Black Ember backpacks are highly functional, sleek, weatherproof, urban packs designed to house and protect your critical gear. Each material has been carefully chosen for its particular performance characteristics and aesthetic quality. The backpacks are designed and crafted in obsessive functional and aesthetic detail. Black Ember backpacks are modular. Each pack can scale from minimal to maximal effortlessly, protect your precious cargo, and stand up to all the abuse along the way. Our mag-lock pouches can be instantly connected to our backpacks and are not easily removed unless you want to remove them. Each pouch includes a fail-safe clasp that can't be removed by force without first unlocking it. Four dual-lock pouches, and two quad-lock pouches are available in a range of sizes and styles. Each pouch offers a unique method for storing and accessing your gear. 

Credits: Black Ember

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