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Launch of LifeSockS (Japan) in Taipei (May 2016)

14th May 2016 marks the birth of a new brand, LifeSockS (Japan). A small event was held in GCDC, Taipei inviting mainly retailers and distributors from Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. Using Smag, 3M and Lycra technology, it is hard to hide your socks under your pants. "Who says socks are not attractive?"   Hooks Avenue is proud to be the exclusive dealer and distributor for LifeSockS in Singapore. Stay tuned for more details.   Life sucks, は 酷い、しかしLifeSockS, は美しい。-LifeSockSが届けるのは商品だけではない、その商品を使う全ての人に全く新しい生活体験を与える。LifeSockSが開発した磁石収納デザイン(SmagTM)、吸収性と消臭機能を兼ね揃えた(3M ScotchgardTM)、夜間安全性にすぐれた(3M ReflectiveTM)、そしてソックス自体の目を引くデザインで消費者に機能とデザイン性を実感いただきます。現代人の多くは生活に不満を感じ、”Life sucks!”(酷い生活)と言いたくなるが、少し頭を捻ればマイナスな考えで捉えていた生活も快適でリラックスしたものとなる。当ブランドの商品はそんなもの。デザイナーが日常の不満を斬新なアイディアで一気に解消し、今後の生活に欠かせないアイテムをつくっています。−"LifeSockS"  

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OG Slick's Event (Live in Taipei)

This time round we sneak into LA based OG Slick's live performance in G.C.D.C (Taipei). Spanning over 2 days, OG Slick created an original art work which extended from the interior to the exterior of the shop forming a panoramic piece of street art adopting his iconic "spray can" design.  After the event, OG Slick met up with his fans from Taiwan for autograph sessions, sharing his experience with the young artists in Taiwan. To sum up, we are doped to be able to witness the live demo of his art work and extremely honoured for this short video created for his Singapore fans!                 

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