The Rent-A-Bag Service


Rent A Bag by Hooks Avenue

We’re giving you the opportunity to take that new bag you’ve been eyeing for a trial for an affordable fee of $5 a day. You know, just to be sure it’s the one. After all, our bags are extensions of ourselves. Our partners in crime (stay away from actual crime kids), and our everyday sidekick.

Who can benefit from Rent-A-Bag?

If you’ve ever spent days, weeks, or even months on end doing in-depth research about your next bag, you’ll know it’s no simple task.

The Veteran Collector (Gearholic)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran bag collector, or gearholic, this is a service that’s gonna change the way you select your next bag. You’ve gone through all the steps that all owners of serious, technical bags take before making the big purchase.

Sure you’ve done your research and you would ace a rapid-fire quiz about bag fabrics… “Which brand has the exclusive rights to HT500?”, you’re the sort of person who would know the answer to this burning question.  

The Novice

You’re fresh to vast world of technical bags. You’ve decided “Enough with cheaply made bags that rip, fall apart and give me back and shoulder issues!”, but you’re stumped by the vast array of quality technical bags that are in the market.

Extra Capacity

Or maybe, just maybe… you really need something with extra carrying capacity on short notice. And you’re not about to part ways with a ton of $$$, well this service is for you, should you find yourself in a tight spot.

How Does Rent-A-Bag Work?

  1. Pick the bag you’re interested in.
  2. Put down a deposit of $50. *Returned to you when the bag returns, without major wear and tear*
  3. Take it out for a spin and see if it fits your needs! ($5/day).
  4. Like it? Buy it!

Collecting And Returning

To collect and return the bag, simply make an appointment with us and pop by our product gallery at 71 Sultan Gate. Singapore 198496.

However, if you’re tight on time we do provide a delivery service for an additional $5.

So You might Be Wondering…

If I choose to purchase the bag, do I get the exact bag that I rented?

No. We’ve set aside bags of various brands, makes and models as trial pieces. So should you choose to purchase the bag, rest assured that you’ll be getting one that’s fresh out the packaging.

Why would I want to rent a bag?

Well we ain’t forcing you to, but we thought it’d be nice to be able to take your next possible purchase for a spin. We know these bags can have quite the price tag, so we created this service to help you be absolutely sure that it’s the right one for you.

Which bags are up for rental?

Well… this comes down to their availability, but most of them! From the collections by Life Behind Bars to Orbit Gear and more now you get to try em’ all!

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