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Asphalt Vs Peloton

Asphalt vs Peloton Regular Differences by Yohanes Devin • July 2018 There are few differences between Asphalt and the Peloton Regular. We break them down into the following points below:   1. Materials The Peloton Asphalt has additional 6mm thick, vegetable-tanned genuine cow black leather embellishing all over the bag, in the form of zipper pulls, label base, sunglasses slot, etc, while the regular Peloton doesn’t have any. 2. Parts All Parts in the regular peloton uses Acetal (POM) Plastic parts, while most of the parts in Asphalts uses a 6061 series aluminium which is not only stronger, but also provides nicer aesthetics. 3. Function Primarily in the external carry system, Asphalt has more options when it comes to carrying stuff outside of the bag, in...

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Hooks Avenue X Kydra: The Dual Lifestyle Of A Tennis Coach-Biochemist

Hooks Avenue and Kydra Athletics, two brands born and bred in Singapore. Purveyors of quality gear that’s built for life — lived active. In Singapore and across the world, juggling a dual lifestyle is a fine line between sweet satisfaction and a meltdown. Urban athletes know best. Maybe you’re a full-time accountant and an after hours MMA fighter, or in Arnaud’s case — a tennis coach who’s pursuing a career in biochemistry, packing more into our days and the bags we carry is the common struggle. The Nomadic Biochemist/Tennis Coach  Born in France, his semi-nomadic lifestyle began during his teenage years when he moved to the U.S.A, before making the short jump over to Montréal, Canada in pursuit of a...

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