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Original Punk Live in Singapore

We are extremely excited to be able to invite Korean illustration artist, Original Punk (also known as OP) to perform live painting right at our product gallery! With just only paint brushes, OP spent 5 hours to finish his awesome "gift" on top of his custom shoes exclusively for Hooks Avenue.    Catch his fantastic art at our product gallery located at 71 Sultan Gate. Singapore 198496 (By appointment only). Be prepared to be blown away by the bold choice of colors and the fine details of his interpretation.

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Artist - Original Punk (Korea)

  Changing the climate a little this time, Hooks Avenue decides to bring you into the mind of Original Punk - A Korean artist who has many different roles. He is a live painter, a skateboarding enthusiast, a mural artist, an illustrator... With his passion is displaying his top form of art, Original Punk has involved in many live events and collaborated with Vans, Monster, Redbull etc.  You will definitely get to see more of his work soon. Keep watching. Let us take a visual tour to one if his exhibition, Handmade Korea Fair  

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