Asphalt Vs Peloton

Asphalt vs Peloton Regular Differences

Asphalt vs Peloton Regular Differences

There are few differences between Asphalt and the Peloton Regular. We break them down into the following points below:


1. Materials

The Peloton Asphalt has additional 6mm thick, vegetable-tanned genuine cow black leather embellishing all over the bag, in the form of zipper pulls, label base, sunglasses slot, etc, while the regular Peloton doesn’t have any.

2. Parts

All Parts in the regular peloton uses Acetal (POM) Plastic parts, while most of the parts in Asphalts uses a 6061 series aluminium which is not only stronger, but also provides nicer aesthetics.

3. Function

Primarily in the external carry system, Asphalt has more options when it comes to carrying stuff outside of the bag, in addition to four horizontal and diagonal hook straps that can be combined with many varieties there are also two vertical hooks that can latch onto the bottom of the bag, there are two attachment points only available on Asphalt, this means the items will have vertical support in addition to lateral support. Additionally, the aforementioned vertical hooks also serve as the rolltop closure, and since the length of said hook straps are adjustable, it also serve to tighten the rolltop closure whenever the rolltop gets expanded, meaning you’ll have a much more stable top part when moving, compared to the regular Peloton.
The Asphalt also sports a side handle, and a luggage slot. Two things that the regular Peloton has yet to have.

4. Lining

The Regular Peloton uses a lightweight 150D Polyester inner lining, which provides decent amount of water repellency. Combined with the 1000D cordura® outer, it can withstand continuous exposure to rain for up to 40 minutes. The Asphalt however, uses a slightly heavier TPU tarp liner, a fabric impenetrable by liquid no matter how long the exposure is.

5. Size

The Asphalt has a slightly bigger capacity of 48L compared to the 44L of the regular Peloton.

The five points above are the main difference between the two, there are also several other minor cosmetic differences such as color, graphic styles in the labels, the amount of freebies you get in the box etc.